The team of Helena Resort consists of experienced and motivated staff dedicated to their work. We understand greatly the concept of hospitality and try to make sure that your stay meets and exceeds your expectations every day. Each of the team members does their best to turn your vacation into the perfect expecience.

Despite the seasonal nature of the business, thanks not only to the pleasant working environment in Helena Resort, but also to the good employer-employee relationship, many of the staff are coming back.


Maksim Solakov

General manager
Helena Resort

in the team since 1990.

Cvetan Ivanov

Hotel Manager
Helena Sands

in the team since 2005.

Pavlina Zheleva

Marketing & Sales Manager

in the team since 2005.

Ralitsa Kotova

Hotel Manager
Helena Park

in the team since 2009.

Yulian Nikolov

F&B Manager

in the team since 2004.

Yavor Minchev

Helena Park

in the team since 2004.

Krasimir Stanev

Dolphin Fish restaurant

in the team since 2008.

Dimo Stankov

Head of the Security Department

in the team since 2014.

Stefka Dimova

Manager Barbecue Restaurant

in the team since 2005.

Plamen Drenski

Manager Moby Dick Restaurant

in the team since 2013.

Angel Angelov

Bar manager

in the team since 2005.

Staff at Helena Resort understand that your rest time is invaluable, so Helena Resort's team works hard every day and takes for it to be memorable and unique.
The long-standing friendly relationship between staff and guests is part of the team's philosophy.
You will receive the necessary information and advice from the competent and friendly staff at Helena Resort before you arrive. At the reception you will be welcomed with the famous Bulgarian hospitality and a hearty smile. Do you already expect your unforgettable holiday in Helena Resort?